STORY PICS: 15 Things Only Pastors Children Will Understand

Growing up, a lot of pressure came with being a pastor’s child; from the pressure from adults to be a big saint, to the expectations from your peers to be an even bigger sinner.

Here are 15 pictures that should resonate if you grew up with pastors for parents:

1. When missing church was never an option, even if you were sick.


*swallows panadol and wears church clothes*

2. Whenever someone said “Pastor’s children are usually the worst.”


Ehn, we have heard.

3. Whenever members of the congregation called them mummy and daddy.

Who are you

We are not siblings, please.

4. When you had to go to church as early they did


“Can I come later?”

5. …and wait hours after the service had ended.

davido crying

Hay God! Can we go home?

6. Whenever your parents used your embarrassing stories to preach.


Is that how you used to do?

7. When people expected you to somehow want to be a pastor too.

is it like that

Is it a family business?

8. When church members tried to force you to be friends with their kids because they thought you’d be a positive influence.

Me laugh

Lmao! Better carry your child away.

9. When you had to do morning and evening devotions everyday


And you dare not sleep off in the middle of it.

10. …and both of them were as long as actual services.

its not over

We might as well start a parish in the house.

11. When people really expected you to be just as spiritual as your parents.

how drake

Is it hereditary?

12. When you had to fake smile at everyone because people just expected you to be nice.


I don’t even know you people.

13. When your parents didn’t allow you to read or watch Harry Potter, because witchcraft.

7b8d108fdf56b4c85b67b2dfc0041e9a_720 (1)

…but you did anyway.

14. When you had to attend every midweek service, house fellowship, and Night Vigil.



15. Whenever you did something wrong and someone asked you “Aren’t you a pastor’s child?”


We cannot make mistakes again, abi?

You still loved them, because they loved you.

Source: opeyemifamakin.blogspot

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