Do You Know Why Valentine’s Day Falls On February 14

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About Centuries ago, Roman Emperor, Claudius the Second signed an edict prohibiting marriage among young people.


According to Romans, unmarried men make better soldiers than their married counterparts. Married soldiers are often consumed by family expectations, but unmarried men have nothing to lose, so they’re more dedicated.


A certain priest, known as Valentine found the edict unjust and contrary to Christian Faith, and he set out to fight for young lovers.

val-wedIn course of that, Valentine conducted marriages for young couples in order to encourage their love for each other and also to fulfill the scripture which permits marriage between one man and one woman.

Unfortunately, Saint Valentine was caught, and imprisoned.

While in prison, he miraculously healed Aristerius’s blind daughter. Aristerius was one of his jailers, then.

val-letterLater, Valentine was said to have written a letter to the girl and at the end, he wrote “From your Valentine.”


On February 14…

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