5 Causes of Admission Failure Into Nigerian Universities.

Over the years, admission into Nigerian universities have become more competitive and objective. The reason being each university must adhere to the quota given by NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission).

It has been observed that while majority will still have to apply over and over for JAMB, some students will get admitted with their first application.

There are lots of reasons why prospective students miss out on admission every year despite the transparency in the admission process, But in this article, I will be discussing ten (10) major causes of admission failure into Nigerian universities.


Many prospective university applicants mistake their way through the application process without formal orientation in the first place.

As a result, many of them fumble their way through selecting choice of institution and courses of study. Only a handful of them will manage to succeed while majority are faced with the reality of failure.


In most cases, parents often force their children or wards to go for courses they aren’t academically sound at.  These children are very intelligent in their own way, they possess individual strength and attributes that makes them better than their peers in certain areas, but like Albert Einstein once said: “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live is whole life believing its stupid”.

These kind of students end up nowhere or even if they manage to get the admission they are later advised to change course or withdraw. Also, there are some very competitive courses like Law, Accounting, Medicine and Surgery, that only a specific numbers of students that can be admitted for each year, but because of the high demand, many who apply for them are never even considered for admission.


Abraham Lincoln once said “I will prepare myself and wait for my opportunity”. Thousands of candidates who failed JAMB would have passed if they took advantage of the opportunities available to them. Because due to lack of preparation for JAMB, majority usually score lower than required.


JAMBITES fail to get admission due to this factor. Most candidates are usually prone to making either an error of omission or another. They may misspell their name, gender, date of birth and so on.

These errors usually lead to the delay of their result and sometimes results in missing admission deadline.


Those who are caught will always face the penalty for examination malpractice. Hence, the person may miss application deadline due to the punishment for their actions or their results being ceased.

In most cases, if you are caught that means you automatically miss the admission.

 source: awajis

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