How You Can Use The UTME Delay To Your Advantage

The delay in the release of 2017 JAMB form can be disorientating and saddening especially to the candidates who are always eager to write the examination. Most candidates,including you, are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the registration process and the date of the examination .

While patiently waiting for the commencement of registration proceedings and date announcement you can equally use this period to capitalize on your preparation adequately instead of just doing nothing at home, but wait.

Smart students look for avenue to succeed, even in frustrating times, they seek to capitalize and improvise on this oddities to boost their chances of succeeding at the final examination.

Here’s how you can use the UTME delay to your advantage:


The need for early preparation cannot be overemphasized, A great man once said “before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. Smart students start preparing early while others procrastinate.  It’s a pity that you are more concerned about the delay in the release of JAMB form, that is not the key to success. You must start preparing now in order to be well equipped before the examination.  By now you should have a study plan, jamb syllabus and a time table for effective study.If not, draft one now and stick with it.


Preparing is not just enough but preparing well with the right tool/resources. Smart students would always utilize this. It is fact that JAMB repeats most of their previous questions but in a twisted form. If you can practice the past  questions effectively, then i can assure you that JAMB 2017 will be a piecemeal for you. So will you go about buying combined past questions? No. We have done that for you. On our jamb software, you will have access to over 20,000 combined past questions with detailed answers . The beauty of it is that all questions and answers has been technically scrambled into a free mobile application and free website. You can practice with ease on your mobile phone and blast JAMB once and for all!!!


This is very necessary for all students preparing for the forthcoming JAMB UTME. Most students encounter difficulties on the examination day not because of system malfunctions but due to their lack of knowledge of the CBT environment. we have developed a JAMB CBT software which you can download on your system and thereafter practice all questions without internet connection. You can choose subjects and even the time and year while practising.


source: awajis


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