Tragedy at the Beach (part 1)

beach tragedy.jpg

I sprinted across the orderly lined up palm trees, past the sandy beach where other water-phobic picnickers sat, conjuring the ecstasy of being in the water. I finally landed at the water bank with eyes widened with fear, and terror singing out of me.

“What happened?” I asked, seeking a reaffirmation of the signal I got from the car – a few yards from the beach – where I was listening to the soothing melody of John Legend’s ‘All of me’.

I trembled, there seems to be a commotion at the beach. The sea breeze blew at me, ordering my blue shorts to flap backward repeatedly. Its blueness blended with the sky’s. I had bought it the day before specially for the beach party of which I know I will not partake of, courtesy of my fear of water. I fought hard to stand as my feet threaten to release me. It dug into the wet sand as if I wanted to build a beach castle.

“What happened?” I blew again. This time impatiently.

“We can’t find Debbie,” Rebecca said. Her left hand barricaded her mouth as if to catch the words once they come out. Her other hand ran through under her breast and rested under the adjacent armpit.

“We were all in the water playing water-ball until the angry wave came at us.” Michael paused. His left thumb wiggled up-and-down rhythmically – he always fidgets like that whenever he is angry, scared, or too excited. When he proposed to Rebecca, he fidgeted after every word.

“We all tried to leave the water amidst laughter and cheers, only to get on land and find out that Debbie is missing.” Those last words choked him. And the choking infected me like a super infective air borne virus.

I didn’t move a muscle at his words. Neither did I twitch an eye. I just stood still. My impulses failed me. I wanted to cry, to rant at least. Did I? Yes I did.

Someone was running into the waters. Someone? Or so I thought. I still didn’t get myself until the water level grew taller than me, and I was drowning.

What was I doing? Was I looking for Debbie? Yes. What? What?



Author: Okori John Onah   Facebook  Twitter


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