Tragedy at the Beach (part 2)


What was I doing? Was I looking for Debbie? Yes. What? What?

Can a blind man lead another? I have never been in water all my life. I don’t even use the bathtub because it makes me feel like I am drowning. The same fear of water made me sit in the car while Michael, Rebecca, and Debbie enjoyed the beach.

Boy! Did the vexed salt water deal with me? My whole body moved fruitlessly. I felt two beautiful, long haired mermaids at my either arms, drawing me into the deep deep water. To their queen maybe.

A white pinhole appeared. It graduated to a door-size aperture. Rays of intense silver-coated light oozed from the source. I felt spiritually drawn to the aperture. Its song chained my ears. Its heavy scent filled my nose. Like the thrilling aroma of medium size BBQ pizza from Dominos – my favourite. I think I heard the door calling at me. Jerome. Jerome. Yes?

I pushed a foot through the door and yours truly was catapulted from the light vomiting aperture to the beach. My vision blurry. Pressure applied mechanically on my chest. Something soaking from my mouth. At first, I thought it was a vacuum cleaner specially designed for water pulling.

When my sanity returned home, and my vision settled. Lo, the vacuum was Michael’s mouth. And the pressure on my chest came from one random Samaritan. I wanted to get up but my body had another agenda. After few seconds of rest, and ‘thank God oh’ from well-wishers, I was carried to the car.

“Debbie. Debbie?” I muttered under my breath, with my eyes closed.

Silence. I opened my eyes, and welcoming it were those of Michael and Rebecca. ‘Sorry’ spelt itself on their faces. What will I tell my in-laws? I asked myself. Michael started the car reluctantly, and we zoomed off.

The beach. Ah! Why did I agree to the idea?

Beach tragedy 2.jpg



Author: Okori John Onah  Facebook  TwitterTwitter


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