Your Daughters are expired products – Nigerians attack Reno Omokri over “Senseless” Tweet – See tweets

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a celebrated and highly respected broadcaster, has hit the wrong button with the recent post he shared on his Twitter page.


Although everyone is entitled to his or her opinions, Omokri treated a sensitive issue with little or no thoughts and this made people fire back at him. Gender equality is a topic that will always spark a hot debate in the society.

Many individuals and non-governmental organisations do all they can to lend the girl-child all forms of support. They encourage people around to take care of them and help them fight all forms of molestation. Empowering women is one of the goals of many organisations like that.

Reno Omokri shared a tweet asking parents to teach their daughters to close their legs until after marriage. He said products have seals placed on them and they should not be broken until purchased.

This caused an outrage as people found it extremely ridiculous for the girls to be burdened with the responsibility of keeping the seal intact when boys could get educated and taught not to break the seal when they are not ready.

Here’s the tweet that sparked the controversy:

The responses are as follows:

1. Word!

2. Some strong words

3. Wow…

4. Sons should be taught not to break seals too

5. Another opinion

6. Sarcasm per excellence

7. Some harsh words there

8. The boys too can join bad gang

9. The activist…

10. Women are not packaged products

11. Some words for his daughters

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source: madailygist


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