All you need to know about Desmond Elliot – Wife, Twins, Films, Television Career and political career(Pics)

Desmond Elliot family

Desmond Elliot and his family are always a great subject for the public interest. The outstanding Nigerian actor, director, and politician enjoys the immense popularity and love of Nigerians. Continue reading to know various interesting facts about him.Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot biography

Fans are always interested in Desmond Elliot age. Desmond Elliot was born on February 4, 1974. Therefore, he is 43 already. His father belongs to Yoruba people. He is from Olowogbowo in Lagos, and his Igbo mother is from Delta State. That is why Elliot describes himself as being a Pan-African. Moreover, Desmond was brought up in a polygamous home. His father had two wives and eleven children. Nearly all his young years he spent in Lagos.

Desmond Elliot got the primary education at Air Force Primary School. After it, he attended St John’s College. After it, Elliot entered Lagos State University on Economics Department, which he graduated from in 2003.Desmond Elliot


Desmond Elliot

However, Desmond Elliot made up his mind to become an actor long ago. In 2002, he starred in his first film titled “Jesu Mushin.” Since that time, he has become of the most famous actors in Nollywood.

In 2008, Elliot produced and directed the movie “Reloaded.” It gave him three nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards (2009).

In 2009 – 2010, Elliot was nominated for the Best Actor at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

Currently, he is one of the top filmmakers in Nigeria. The actor kicked off a revolution in the country`s movie industry with the renewal of both the cinema culture and the box office productions.

Together with his wife, they have been involved in managing own video production company titled “Denziot Productions.”Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot also spends much time at his NGO called Desmond Elliot Foundation. They deal with informing Nigerian people on the water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Desmond Elliot family

Desmond Elliot and his wife Victoria are bringing up four great children. They have three sons and a daughter. The boys` names are Denzel, Desmond, and Donald. Their charming girl`s name is Dawn.

Desmond Elliot wife

Desmond Elliot marriage is very successful. He has a beautiful wife and four adorable children. His wife`s name is Victoria Elliot. They got married on December 25, 2003, in Akwa Ibom. For the first time that met when they were students. Victoria studied Mathematics at the University of Jos. From the very first day of their meeting, they disagreed on many issues. The matter is that Victoria is very spiritual. However, despite all her strict lifestyle, she agreed to his love advances. After courting for over eight years, they finally got married in 2003.Desmond Elliot and wife

After studying, Victoria worked as a banker. When Desmond Elliot became famous, she abandoned banking industry and concentrated on the distribution and sales of Nollywood movies. Now she is one of the leading distributors of Nollywood.

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Desmond Elliot twins

Desmond Elliot and wife are euphoric with their twins because they have two couples of twins. It is fantastic! The first ones are boys – Denzel and Desmond.

Desmond Elliot boys

In 2010, Victoria Elliot gave birth to the second set of beautiful twins. The boy`s name is Donald, and his twin-sister name is Dawn. There is an interesting fact. The names of all Elliot`s four children begin with the letter “D.”

In his recent interview, Desmond Elliot confessed that he would like to have minimum seven children. However, he told that he should discuss this question with his beloved wife first.

Desmond Elliot family

Desmond Elliot films

Totally, Desmond Elliot starred in more than two hundred films. Once he even admitted that every night he dreamt of starring in a new movie. He started acting in 2002. The first film was “Jesu Mushin.” According to the actor himself, his favorite movies are:

  • Falling
  • Fine Things
  • Efficacy
  • The Greatest Sacrifice
  • Behind Closed Doors
  • Just Me
  • Wedding Gift
  • Above Love
  • Big Pretenders
  • Cinderella
  • Danger Signal
  • Deep Loss
  • Died to Save

    Television career

    Desmond Elliot also likes acting in various soap operas. The actor confesses that he adores this kind of acting because it resembles him the real life very much. The most popular TV roles are:

    • Everyday People
    • One Too Much
    • Saints and Sinners

    Desmond Elliot political career

    In September 2014, Desmond Elliot declared that he planned to run for Lagos State House of Assembly. The prominent actor was going to do that under the All Progressives Congress. During Nigerian General Elections, which took place in April 2015, Desmond Elliot contested and won the Surulere Constituency.

    Thus, one of the greatest Nigerian actors officially became a member of Lagos State House of Assembly. Desmond was inaugurated on June 8, 2015. At his very first sitting, he shared a photo of himself on Instagram.Desmond ElliotMoreover, once Elliot confessed that his colleagues in the House called him a “film boy.”

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