“When We Listen To Friends”, Short Fiction By John Okori

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“You can fix anything but a blank page…start writing!” Victoria whispers to Ken who has his pen in his mouth.

“I don’t know what to write,” ken replies.

“Anything….write what you are thinking of now.”

“I am hungry…all I have on mind is food.”

“Great! Draw the meal you wish to have.”

“Ok.” Ken takes to his exam question sheet and starts drawing two big bowls. Mrs Stacy. The basic 5 teacher who notices the shenanigans between the two friends, leaves her sit to theirs for an inspection.

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Ken dexterously covers his book and forms a thinking posture, like a nerd. He looks through the window to the open garden behind the Proprietor’s office, his pen hitting his lips as if he is trying to recall something.

Mrs Stacy goes back to her sit and continues reading her novel. Her feet hangs on the desk while her head buries in full concentration. Ken continues his drawing.

Tic-tak tic-tak.

“Exam over, leave your sheets on your desks and move out.” Announces the teacher.

The pupils file out, among them, Ken and his best friend Victoria. The two are partners in crime, mischievous kids, and very dull too.

The next day at school, Mrs Stacy call the result of the previous text.

“Amanda,” she walks up to the girl and places her script on her desk, “96%, you tried honey.”

“Steven, 89, you can do better.”

She continues, 85, 81, 75, 70.

She walks to Victoria’s seat. “Vic,” she smiles, “you’ve improved darling, 30%, keep it up.” To ken, sitting at an arm’s length, she changes her face cold and said to him: “Ken, move to the front of the class.”

Ken waggishly dwindles to the front of the class, backing the whiteboard. Mrs Stacy pastes ken’s exam sheet on the board and every pupils burst out laughter, including Victoria who stops only after the scornful look of ken’s face.

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“Class tell me who on earth draws bowls of eba and soup on an English question paper.” The pupils chorused, “Kennedy!” another laughing storm erupts again.

“Were we doing a fine art test?” she asked again.

“No Mrs Stacy,” the pupils respond with intonation that sounds like a song.

“I can see you are not ready to change your mischievous ways, go home this minutes,” says angry Mrs Stacy to ken.

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“Thank you Mrs Stacy,” ken says to the teacher and to Victoria he says: “Vic lets go home.”

Victoria hesitates and says, “Mrs Stacy has not asked me to go home, it is you.”

“But you told me to draw what I wanted to eat, didn’t you?”

“Were you forced,” retorts Victoria.

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“Ok, so you are not my friend any more, right?”

“Not on this matter, I can’t go home now, my mother will get upset. Don’t worry, I will come and see you after school.”

“Leave my class this minute!” orders Mrs Stacy, losing her patience with little ken.

Ken leaves the class, wishing he didn’t listen to Victoria the day before.

Author: John Okori



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