Cossy Orijakor Reveals how she was Nearly Raped by a Reverend Father

Cossy Orijakor reveals how she was nearly raped by a reverend father back in the university.

Cossy, who was a student in University of Nigeria Nsuka, said the incident occurred when she visited the Reverend Father with her friend during a thanksgiving ceremony.

According to the controversial Nollywood actress, “these priests are also human.”

Cossy Orijakor.Cossy Orijakor Reveals how she was Nearly Raped by a Reverend Father

She further revealed how she succeeded in convincing the Reverend Father from raping her by assuring him to return the following day for the football match but never did.


Cossy said:

“Don’t judge A book by its cover…. Story….story ….story… Ok this is a one off… I had a girlfriend in university of Nigeria Enugu campus.. She is very fair and super cute. Her name is Oge….but I can’t mention her surname because it is the same with her uncle who is a reverend father….
We went to visit this Reverend father somewhere in Enugu state during the thanks giving day… I ended up not going to church that day thou. Because I didn’t have something very covering to wear.. Well I was by the window looking at the various activities going on in the church premises because the reverend fathers live within the church.

“Then this average dark man entered the room I was in.. And grabbed me from behind…his hand rested on my bosom and he squeezed them…..I have learnt my lesson never to fight off men when they are in need 👶🙈…but to talk my way out peacefully…. Well….. I did a good job…I accepted to come back for the action and he gave me money….the money the type u know…the offering or can it be tithe paid by a church member that day.


“The way it was squeeze different denomination of cash.. as seen in offering box. There goes the hopes and prayers made by some poor church goers…well … I took the money….I spent it in school but never went back…. For this I will never mention the reverend father name…i told my oge about this. She said the Reverend father have girlfriends and even kids.

“Well …. sweeties… For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God… God said. ALL …he did not exclude PASTORS and REVEREND FATHERS.. They are just men. The are weak. They are tempted by evil and sometimes they fall. Let’s pray for them… They need deliverance too. …. 👀 from angelic faces and useless bitches and delila that have sold their conscience. Me I still have conscience so I will make heaven by Gods grace. 👅


source: ukrido


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