So Sad!! Lady Runs Mad after Governor Ambode Demolished her home in Otodo-Gbame

A lady allegedly ran mad after her house was demolished in Otodo-Gbame community of Lagos. Otodo-Gbame, known to be a large fishing settlement, is often regarded as the largest informal fishing community in Nigeria.

Woman runs mad after her house was destroyed along with other houses in Otodo-Gbame fishing community.

It was made known that thousands of people living in the community were made to flee when the environment was raided by security personnel. The security forces came in with guns and tear gas in order to drive those living there away since they flouted the order.

This action has been faulted by some right groups since a court order asked them to hold on with the plan. The action was described as a violation of human rights.

The demolition affected over four thousand people in the community. The demolition was done on Friday, March 17, and it was condemned by the Amnesty International and Lagos-based group, Justice and Empowerment Initiatives (JEI).

The residents on the other hand said they had no inkling about the plan. They claimed they did not know their homes will be demolished when they were.

We were so surprised. We didn’t know where they came from,” Paul Kunnu said. “They pulled down everything.

The co-director of JEI, Megan Chapman, arrived at the community not long after the demolitions began. He stated that the police used live bullets to disperse the people.

About thirty thousand residents from the community were made to leave in November 2016 in order to make way for some projects. it was gathered that more than 300,000 people stand a chance of being evicted from Lagos waterfront communities.

Although the court injunction issued in January stopped eviction, some residents rebuilt because they have nowhere to go. They have been living there for decades.

Watch the video below to see the woman who went crazy after her home was demolished by Governor Ambode:


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